Goodnight, sweetheart.

Well, it’s time to go. I hate to leave you, but I really must say: goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight. It’s been a swell year here, but I’ve decided to retire from the blogosphere. This blog has come a long ways. It had humble beginnings, I shared about pooping my pants on my honeymoon, and I hosted [...]

Throwback Thursday: Spring Break!!

05 California SB-77

The sand, the sea, and traveling on a shoestring: these are what my collegiate spring breaks have in common. Now, to be clear, my spring breaks were nothing close to iconic; my attendance of a conservative college with myriad rules saw to that. But it wasn’t the direction of my moral compass that kept me from [...]

Sisters & St. Patrick’s


What are you feeling this St. Patrick’s day? I’m feeling grateful, refreshed, and cheesecakes.   Here’s to the green and the gold and, most especially, my sister. Happy birthday, Melissa Sue!

Spring came late, but it brought flowers

spring came late

Yesterday, I drove a few towns over for a visit with my Mom and Grandmother. Before taking off, I rifled through my CD collection. This is something I do before most treks given I’m a fickle radio listener, and it was in my rummaging that I came upon an old treasure: Do your musical preferences [...]

Here Comes the Sun


Yesterday, we celebrated our first year of marriage with a relaxing afternoon spent outdoors. The sun was out, I could hear myriad birds and their various songs, and we revisited the vows we wrote for our wedding. It was an absolute treat! Today, we spent close to an hour picking up dog poop in the [...]

Why I’m Afraid to Get a Smartphone


I have an inimical relationship with phone technology. I so enjoy that it affords me contact with far off friends, yet I still persist in my resistance to the smartphone movement. Not because I’m a hater; it’s as simple as this: I know my limits. Nearly nine years ago, during the final month of my freshman [...]

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